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Brainstorming Aid - "The Mind Browser"

  1. Enter a subject matter you wish to think about on a piece of paper.
  2. Press the word display switch on the word clock.
  3. Go with the word; make "connections" until you find something useful. Try a few more words. Experiment.
The underlying theory is that your mind will fill the lacuna (empty space) between your subject and the official random word displayed, thereby moving outside its normal boundaries and incorporating different areas of your mind, memory, knowledge. We are unnecessarily limited by familiar patterns of thought and repetitive sequences which may be in need of an upgrade.

Welcome to the world of mind-active entertainment and random word brainstorming!

The important thing is to manage the lacuna so you get the best flow of useful ideas. We invite you to share your experience and not to feel bound by these directions; feel free to create your own application-specific techniques.