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Miles created 100's of word lists over the years. A favorite activity of his was hanging out at coffee houses and creating word lists. Some lists were only a few dozen words, others were 1000s, all lists Miles wrote down on paper. This is a small sampling of lists he created and the thought behind them.

Original Random - Word combinations are nearly always entertaining, amusing, or interesting. Created in the late 1980's as a conversationpiece in bars, it is a great all around wordlist and even works well as a muse for writers and thinkers wishing to step outside their current perspective.

Cosmic Religion - The world's second best religion. Double your money back if you don't get to heaven.

Thinkers - Thinking effects most everything. Would go well with your own list of things you would like to think about or your own 500 word wishlist.

Aspects of Time - Writing this list led me to the conclusion that the whole world should run on a single time (be it Greenwich Mean Time or Swatch internet time). With the advent of GPS, solar time is no longer crucial to navigation. I think One World Time would bring the world closer together and more closely approximate reality. Why not?

Nostalgia Checklist - Designed to help elicit distant and farflung memories. But use it any way you like.

Rhymes with Rhymex - How NOT to search for great ideas. Plays well with Rhymex advantages and violin music.

Farafield - Expect the unexpected.

Thespian - A different author, Ramzi Masarweh, highly skilled Bisbee actor-director-playwright. Great gift for aspiring actors and actresses, should be required reading for all movie stars. Ramzi is always available for auditions and will direct your screenplay if he deems it worthy.

For Kids - Random words make for interesting reading. Ages 7 and up.

Invisible - Practically nothing in this list is now invisible if you have the right equipment. List was written after author walked into an "invisible" guy wire holding up an electric pole on a sidewalk in Bisbee, Arizona.